Monday, November 8, 2010

Yang Mana Satu Idaman Kalbu

If you can only have one LV, what would be your choice?

I can't seem to make up my mind. Semua pon cantek! After spending more than one hour at the KLCC boutique, I found something that I really like.

Masalahnya, not one but three!!

Most of the pages I referred in the web suggest either Speedy or Neverfull. Neverfull, is a no-no. Speedy, I'll save that for future purchase.
These are my choices.

Sistina MM


Trevi PM

Trevi is definitely my first choice  though hubby said that the design is makcik-like. For me it's classic and elegant.

As for Sistina, i love it too but it might be a hassle getting in and out of the bag. Plus, the buckle might have  some fine scratches lama-lama nanti.

I have only a few days to decide. Pening!!