Friday, July 23, 2010

Best Food, Best Company

Random pictures on one of our weekend outings.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Picnic At The White House

Allysha's Mak Dora had moved to her gorgeous white house. Since there were no Astro yet at that time, we need to think of something to do. So I suggested a picnic. It will be fun plus we will have lots of good food to enjoy.

The pool. Ready to be attacked!

The food..

Ikan bakar bersambal mak yang sangat sedap.. I ate a total of 3..or was it 4? Kalah ikan bakar kat Umbai!

A combo of croissant sandwich - tuna and chicken

Bubur jagung..our all time fave

Nasi lemak Pasar Seksyen 6

Mee hoon goreng Mak Teh. This is a request from hantu mee hoon goreng.

Chicken fingers

and of course....highlight of the picnic haruslah budak comel ini......
Budak yang suke sangat-sangat main air. Menjerit tuh bile angkat naik. Nak main lagi. We limit one hour je for her sebab takut sejuk sangat.

We had so much fun that day. Even my mom pon join dalam pool. Anyah, we should this again. At your White House of course since your house dah jadi the official weekend port.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

At Last!!

Sometime last week, Allysha dah tumbuh gigi. A few days away from her 10 months birthday baru nak nampak gigi. Comel betul! Tapi kan, kedekut betul nak tunjuk gigi die yang kiut miut tuh. Only when Allysha senyum beria-ria and nangis je nampak. Susah nak ambik gambar. Masa senyum tak dapat nak ambik sebab nak enjoy puas-puas tengok senyum Allysha yang sangat menawan (to me!!). Masa nangis, melampaula pulak Mummy gi berkejar ambik camera.

See...I asked her to show me her teeth and instead she gave me her sweetest smile. Terus kene stop jap and kisss ini budak. Tell me how nak ambik gamba?

Since dah tau yang the cap finally showing, banyak kali mintak kat Allysha tunjuk gigi. I even begged her! At last, masa check balik gambar kat camera, terselit satu gambar candid yang rupa-rupanya nampak gigi.

See Mummy! One cap showing already!

Second picture yang terpaksa selak lips nak nampakkan gigi. Janji ada gamba gigi.

Sunday, nampak satu lagi gigi yang nak tumbuh kat bahagian atas. Nih, memang tak dapat nak capture. Juga, tak dapat nak dipastikan which one came first, lower or upper. Yang penting Allysha dah ada gigi. :)

At last, sayang!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Best Ever Chocolate Cake Recipe

Remember the chocolate cake that my family really love?

I got the recipe from here. My sister and I had tried another cake recipe and boy, it was yummy. For all chocolate lovers, this is a must try.

Bahan A
1 cawan serbuk koko
1 cawan susu cair
1 cawan minyak masak/mentega cair
1 cawan gula castor
1/2 cawan susu pekat manis

Bahan B
1 1/4 cawan tepung gandum
1 sudu teh soda bikarbonat
1 sudu teh serbuk penaik

Bahan C
3 biji telur


Semua bahan A dimasukkan ke dalam periuk dan dipanaskan sebentar sehingga gula larut. Tutup dan sejukkan bahan ini.

Pukul bahan C hingga kembang. Masukkan ke dalam bahan A. Kaup balik hingga bahan C bercampur serata dengan bahan A.

Tepung gandum + soda + serbuk penaik dicampur dan diayak. Kemudian sedikit demi sedikit masukkan ke dalam adunan coklat tadi sambil dikaupbalikkan hingga serata.

Tutup bekas kek dengan aluminium foil - untuk mengelakkan air dari menitik ke atas permukaan kek. Kukus selama 1 jam @ sehingga kek masak.


250 g coklat masakan } potong kecil2
1 sudu besar majerin
130 ml double cream atau whipping cream
sedikit gula halus secukup rasa (supaya topping tu tak pahit sgt) - optional
* in my case, I just used cooking choc and whipping cream
Cara membuat:
Cairkan coklat secara double-boiler Alihkan dr api kemudian masukkan majerin, gula & cream Kacau sehingga sebati. Curahkan atas kek kemudian ratakan Bila dah agak sejuk/beku baru boleh lorekkan dgn garpu secara melintang dan menegak selang seli.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 10 months Birthday, Lica

My Allysha is 10 months old today. It seems like only yesterday I gave birth to her. I can still remember how afraid I was to hold her in my arms. She was only 2.6 kg despite my big, big belly. And now, she’s a big girl. Growing really fast and I don’t have the privilege to watch her grow every single day. Weekends are super precious to me since that’s the only time that I spend time with her.

Thanks to Allah, as if Allysha knows that dear Mummy only get to see her during weekend she always choose weekends to show her skills firsthand to us. Not all but it’s enough for both hubby and me. And, I’m ever so thankful to my family for having Allysha at my parents’ and loving her wholeheartedly. Thank you so much everyone! I can never thank them enough.

One the other note, Allysha is not well. Having flu since last week and mild fever; one and off. Everyone was saying that Allysha nak besar and macam-macam dia tengah nak belajar. Really, her nine months milestones is super duper awesome I tell you. That girl really somethinglah! Yesterday, my sister brought her to the clinic and guess what. She’s already 9.3 kg and I’m pretty sure it should be more than that if not because of the flu. That explains my backache :)

Secretly, I’m actually hoping that she’s not growing at a fast pace so that I can take part in her every milestones and able to document every bits of it. I know that’s impossible but I’m trying my best. My very best.
Anyway, to my precious little princess, Happy 10 Months Birthday!

P/S: Mummy will update the post with lots and lots of Lica's pictures later.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Last week, we discovered that Allysha knows how to tackle the game of Baa..Chak! I had indentified a few series of that game by her. Some of it includes:

Game #1
She took my tudung. Cover her head and in seconds she uncovers it back. Lepas tuh, senyum-senyum, gelak-gelak sambil cakap-cakap sampai mata sepet. Then, she repeat the sequence.

Game #2
Meniarap sambil both her hands pegang my knee (I’m in a sitting position kat atas lantai), then Allysha lift her head. Again, senyum-senyum, gelak-gelak sambil cakap-cakap sampai mata sepet. Then, she repeat the sequence.

Game #3
Tutup muka with both her hands for a few seconds, and bukak balik and senyum-senyum excited. Also, sambil buat bunyi-bunyian yang comel.

Too bad I didn’t managed to capture it on video. Excited sangat I guess sampai terlupa. I'll try to remember this weekend..a must!