Friday, June 26, 2009

Photography Package..Or Not??

Help me to decide..pleaseee

I've always wanted to capture all my pregnancy moments and my Darling Baby's progress. Knowing that both Hubby and I are not techno savvy..I guess we should hire a professional to capture those precious moments. But then again, it's not that cheap and considering the endless list of 'things to buy' this might be a less priority need.

But hey..gimme a break. It's my first pregnancy and first Baby we are talking about. So Mummy, crack your head and talk Daddy into this. Hmm...Darling Baby, let's think of a strategy. Make it a super duper excellent one please.

While blog-hopping, I’ve found a brilliant mom whose passion is in shooting children. Her portfolios are brilliant and I really like the way she captures every moments; especially the arrival of newborns. The photos make my heart melts and I would love to capture the precious moments of my Darling Baby the way she did.

There’s a My Baby’s 1st Year Documentary Package that includes:

• Awaiting
• Arriving
• Babies
• Kiddies

Now, I have to decide ASAP since I’m entering my third trimester next week and according to her, the best time to capture the awaiting moments is 7 months onwards.

To my sisters, I’m sure you are reading do you guys think??

To do or not to do??


why oh why.....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Letter to Baby

Dear Baby,

25 weeks. That’s approximately 6 months. Yup darling Baby, that’s how long you have been in mummy’s tummy.

Mummy’s enjoying every seconds of our precious moments together although at times Mummy really can’t wait to hold you in my arms. Well…Daddy is also excited to meet you and darling Baby you will be surprised to know that Daddy had made so many plans for you.

The most important thing is..Daddy n Mummy wants Baby to know that we love you sooooo much and we can’t wait for your arrival.

P/S : Daddy’s hoping that Baby could share birthday with Daddy. What say you? Mummy thinks that would be a great birthday present for Daddy. Don’t you think so? Btw, let’s keep this as our little secret..shhh..Daddy doesn’t know about this.. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I’m having my 2nd asthma attack at the moment. I had to get another round of medication from the doctor. Hopefully the medicine will not do any harm to my darling baby..