Friday, June 26, 2009

Photography Package..Or Not??

Help me to decide..pleaseee

I've always wanted to capture all my pregnancy moments and my Darling Baby's progress. Knowing that both Hubby and I are not techno savvy..I guess we should hire a professional to capture those precious moments. But then again, it's not that cheap and considering the endless list of 'things to buy' this might be a less priority need.

But hey..gimme a break. It's my first pregnancy and first Baby we are talking about. So Mummy, crack your head and talk Daddy into this. Hmm...Darling Baby, let's think of a strategy. Make it a super duper excellent one please.

While blog-hopping, I’ve found a brilliant mom whose passion is in shooting children. Her portfolios are brilliant and I really like the way she captures every moments; especially the arrival of newborns. The photos make my heart melts and I would love to capture the precious moments of my Darling Baby the way she did.

There’s a My Baby’s 1st Year Documentary Package that includes:

• Awaiting
• Arriving
• Babies
• Kiddies

Now, I have to decide ASAP since I’m entering my third trimester next week and according to her, the best time to capture the awaiting moments is 7 months onwards.

To my sisters, I’m sure you are reading do you guys think??

To do or not to do??

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