Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sandwich Diet

This is what my hubby, my sis n I had for dinner last night.

Yup. We are on diet. Errr..we ke..?

Well, I am. Eh..tak.. aku kena diet! So, semua orang kat umah pon terjebak sekalila. Yela, mana tahan kalau tengok orang lain makan nasi tapi aku kena makan sandwich.

Tak adil..tak adil...

Tapi kan, sandwich tuh turned out sedap sangat. Nak buat pon senang. Cubalah! Memamg tak menyesallah. Yummy and healthy.

Tonight, nak makan apa pulak ye? Any ideas peeps?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Allysha Is Back

Yup. Allysha is back

Back to where she belongs..our home sweet home..

with Daddy...

and Mummy of course!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Allysha..here we come..

Dear Allysha,

Mummy and Daddy know that you are missing us both terribly. Just like us. We even dream about you, sayang. But, don't you worry, we'll come to fetch you tomorrow.

Till then, behave yourselves at Wan Teh ok? (sad but true..Mummy knows that Wan Teh is your most favourite person at the moment)Mummy tak kisah pon.. Mummy knows that Wan Teh jaga Alllysha better than I do. *gulp*

But pls remember that Mummy and Daddy loves you sooooo much sayang...You are the best thing in our life!!!

Lots of hugs and (wet) kisses,
Mummy and Daddy

Fabulous Friday!!!

Don't y'all just love Fridays?

I do. That's my most-look-forward-day of the week. And today, I love my Friday even more!!

See..my catch of the day. Comel tak??
Pls...say yes! (Daddy even asked why Mummy didn't purchased more)

Bertambah-tambah cute bile Allysha pakai nanti. Can't wait!!

Tapi..most importantly, it doesn't burn my purse at all. Super cool.

The purple romper and the bip were bought to match Mak Su's cute pressies from Pumpkin Patch. Now, I have to find purple tights pulak. Nanti, barula boleh pakai for next week's outing. Fyi, we have to make sure that Allysha is properly covered kalau nak pegi shopping malls/cold places. My princess mmg tak tahan sejuk.

That's the beauty of having a daughter. You get to dress up your lil princess.!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time to work!!

I'm back @ office. Sangat boring!! *yawn*
Have a meeting to attend tomorrow *double yawn*
Somehow, I need to change to working mode again...*triple yawn*

Kenapala confinement leave bukan 90 days....?

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I'm on diet. My way.

I'm on the verge of getting my weight and most importantly my figure back. I'll spill the details later on the magic thingy that i'm using or more precisely; that i'm wearing now.

Smalam, my MIL commented that aku dah nampak kurus. Such comment memang sangat dialu-alukan. Berbaloi-baloi usaha selama nih. Hehe..macam kerja keras sangat. Tapi, tak pon.

Anyways, last night aku nak timbangla berat. Yelah, just to make sure. Betul ke dah turun. Tapi, aku tak jumpa pon scale. Hubby cakap pencuri yang masuk umah arituh dah angkut sekali. What? Dah takde benda lain ke nak curik? Scale cabuk tuh pon nak jugak.

Desperate sungguh si pencuri tu. Tapi, nih bukanla pencuri sebenar umah aku tuh. Aku pulak yang jadi pencurinya; pencuri gambar.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Toys for child development

Toys are good for child development; provided that the toys must be suitable. Allysha had her first toy as early as a few days old courtesy of Mak Ngah D. It's the Octotunes from Lamaze.

Exhibit #1 : Lamaze Octotunes

It's not only colorful, it has a sweet vanilla scent. I wonder whether the scent will last. Squeeze the tentacles and you will be rewarded with tunes. A songbook is included as well! Most importantly, it helps Allysha to nurture and she really love the colour and sound.

Exhibit #2 : Bruin Butterfly Play Gym

Don't you just love the colours? Hopefully this will keep Allysha busy and active. It's meant for 3+ months but we were excited to get it for her. It's to help her develop the muscles needed for rolling over, sitting up and crawling.

Playing helps develop a baby’s social, emotional, language, intellectual, and problem-solving skills. Let them play!


I'm missing my baby.


How I wish that Shah Alam and Seremban sekangkang kera jer.

But, apa nak buat. It's my best option and most importantly, the best for her.

Layan je la gambar buat pengubat rindu....

Allysha at birth. Inside the Labour Room.

2 days old.

3 days old. On the way back to Seremban.

I miss Allysha sooo muchhh!!!!

Faces of Allysha

Friday, November 6, 2009

2 months!!

Hari ni, Mummy saya happy sangat. Sebabnya? Anak kesayangan Mummy nih dah masuk 2 bulan!! Mummy nak bawak saya jumpa paed for checkup and immunisation. Cuak jugak saya. Mesti sakit nih...Mummy, kalau taknak pegi boleh tak??

Saya cuba buat muka seposen (tapi tetap chomel!). Konon nak mintak simpati Mummy. Sadly, tak berjaya pon!

Wan Teh pujuk saya dengan susu super sedap yang Mak Su Baby buat. Yummy!!

Nihla Wan kesayangan saya

Atok yang tak boleh nak resist pipi bam bam saya

First, Dr Wan buat general checkup. Temperature..OK. Berat..5.0kg. Tinggi..55cm. Yayy!! Mummy cakap saya dah besar!!

Nihla 2nd mth's immunisation yang buat saya nangis...sakit!!

Next month ada lagi sesi cucuk-mencucuk nih. Wish me luck!