Friday, November 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday!!!

Don't y'all just love Fridays?

I do. That's my most-look-forward-day of the week. And today, I love my Friday even more!! catch of the day. Comel tak??
Pls...say yes! (Daddy even asked why Mummy didn't purchased more)

Bertambah-tambah cute bile Allysha pakai nanti. Can't wait!!

Tapi..most importantly, it doesn't burn my purse at all. Super cool.

The purple romper and the bip were bought to match Mak Su's cute pressies from Pumpkin Patch. Now, I have to find purple tights pulak. Nanti, barula boleh pakai for next week's outing. Fyi, we have to make sure that Allysha is properly covered kalau nak pegi shopping malls/cold places. My princess mmg tak tahan sejuk.

That's the beauty of having a daughter. You get to dress up your lil princess.!

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