Thursday, July 7, 2011

Allysha @ 22 months

Still suka dengan mende-mende yang seumpama dengannya

She just can't leave the house without her arm candy. The Guess handbag used to be mine. A present from my sisters in year 2000. What's inside? Her bottle, pen, pencil and a small note book.

Her fave! Writing (that's what she claimed), or rather ermmm.. scribbling. Yela, melentur buluh biarla dari rebungnya. Haha. Actually, she develop that habit on her own. Tak pernah ada sape-sape yang suruh pon. Anyways, I'll show this picture to her kalau dah sekolah nanti malas nak belaja :)

And...kalau makan kat mane-mane and bile lalu kat tempat jual ice cream kat supermarket dah pandai ask for akim (ice-cream).

As I'm choosing pictures for my mom to print out her pictures, suddenlly I realised that nowadays dah tak banyak gambar Allysha. Rugi! Cos ade banyak sangat moments yang best-best. So, from now on, have to make a mental note that we have to capture as much pics as we can!