Saturday, November 7, 2009

Toys for child development

Toys are good for child development; provided that the toys must be suitable. Allysha had her first toy as early as a few days old courtesy of Mak Ngah D. It's the Octotunes from Lamaze.

Exhibit #1 : Lamaze Octotunes

It's not only colorful, it has a sweet vanilla scent. I wonder whether the scent will last. Squeeze the tentacles and you will be rewarded with tunes. A songbook is included as well! Most importantly, it helps Allysha to nurture and she really love the colour and sound.

Exhibit #2 : Bruin Butterfly Play Gym

Don't you just love the colours? Hopefully this will keep Allysha busy and active. It's meant for 3+ months but we were excited to get it for her. It's to help her develop the muscles needed for rolling over, sitting up and crawling.

Playing helps develop a baby’s social, emotional, language, intellectual, and problem-solving skills. Let them play!

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