Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Best Ever Chocolate Cake

I’m not a good baker. But I certainly can cook (at least hubby thinks so). That matters most kan?

Last weekend, my family came to Shah Alam and since we don’t have any outing plans, I decided to bake (or in my case, I steamed it) with the help of Allysha’s favourite Mak Su Beby and Mak Long Mira.

As my sister wrote in her blog, everyone was a bit sceptical with the idea; yelah..I'm not a good baker. It might turn out so-so and worst; maybe tak jadi langsung. But still, I really, really wanted to try the recipe because of the rave review at the website.

This recipe is definitely a keeper. It has the simplest ingredients, easy peasy and of course delicious. The cake was chocolatey and moist. It certainly fits my family's defination of a good chocolate cake.

Everyone was crazy about this cake. It finished overnight. That's my personal record!

Now, everyone is bugging me to prepare the cake again. And, my mom and I are on a big mission - armed with this cake's recipe. Wish us luck!


AyureQ said...

heed's sis! nk recipe! please please please ;p

mummy said...

Boleh je. Let me have ur email. Nnt I email to you.

AyureQ said...


yeay! thank you so much! ada recipe carrot cake jgk x? ;)

Anonymous said...

alah...post lah recipe dlm blog.

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