Friday, July 9, 2010

Picnic At The White House

Allysha's Mak Dora had moved to her gorgeous white house. Since there were no Astro yet at that time, we need to think of something to do. So I suggested a picnic. It will be fun plus we will have lots of good food to enjoy.

The pool. Ready to be attacked!

The food..

Ikan bakar bersambal mak yang sangat sedap.. I ate a total of 3..or was it 4? Kalah ikan bakar kat Umbai!

A combo of croissant sandwich - tuna and chicken

Bubur jagung..our all time fave

Nasi lemak Pasar Seksyen 6

Mee hoon goreng Mak Teh. This is a request from hantu mee hoon goreng.

Chicken fingers

and of course....highlight of the picnic haruslah budak comel ini......
Budak yang suke sangat-sangat main air. Menjerit tuh bile angkat naik. Nak main lagi. We limit one hour je for her sebab takut sejuk sangat.

We had so much fun that day. Even my mom pon join dalam pool. Anyah, we should this again. At your White House of course since your house dah jadi the official weekend port.

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