Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 10 months Birthday, Lica

My Allysha is 10 months old today. It seems like only yesterday I gave birth to her. I can still remember how afraid I was to hold her in my arms. She was only 2.6 kg despite my big, big belly. And now, she’s a big girl. Growing really fast and I don’t have the privilege to watch her grow every single day. Weekends are super precious to me since that’s the only time that I spend time with her.

Thanks to Allah, as if Allysha knows that dear Mummy only get to see her during weekend she always choose weekends to show her skills firsthand to us. Not all but it’s enough for both hubby and me. And, I’m ever so thankful to my family for having Allysha at my parents’ and loving her wholeheartedly. Thank you so much everyone! I can never thank them enough.

One the other note, Allysha is not well. Having flu since last week and mild fever; one and off. Everyone was saying that Allysha nak besar and macam-macam dia tengah nak belajar. Really, her nine months milestones is super duper awesome I tell you. That girl really somethinglah! Yesterday, my sister brought her to the clinic and guess what. She’s already 9.3 kg and I’m pretty sure it should be more than that if not because of the flu. That explains my backache :)

Secretly, I’m actually hoping that she’s not growing at a fast pace so that I can take part in her every milestones and able to document every bits of it. I know that’s impossible but I’m trying my best. My very best.
Anyway, to my precious little princess, Happy 10 Months Birthday!

P/S: Mummy will update the post with lots and lots of Lica's pictures later.

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MaMa IdRaKi said...

happy birthday bambam! =)

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