Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Ambrosia

After Allysha's 'driving lesson', we found Baby Ambrosia right in front of the car. They sell freshly made baby and toddler meals. Quite expensive considering the amount of the meals. For Allysha's it cost us about RM6.00+. I can't recall the exact price. We opted for Purees; For Combination and is meant for 6 months+.

We bought it at The Gardens but they are also located at other outlets such as The Curve and other locations. Visit their website for more info :).

Since Allysha love vege so much, I chose the Vegetable Medley which consists of carrot, potato, leek, herbs and homemade vege stock. I tried on some and I like the taste :)

Yummy, yummy!

This proved that Allysha love it. She opens her mouth willingly. I fed her half of the container altho she wanted some more.

One happy customer..


pHatMuMMy said...

wahh, sungguh rajin mummy allysha ni menghapdet. hehe. eh, aku lupa nak cakap, i stumbled upon one blog providing home made baby food jugak. try this link

mummy said...

Haha..saje je..after sometime dah bersawang. i've checked that link and the menu is pretty much almost the same. the best thing is, the price is cheaper than baby ambrosia. hope it tastes as good :)

bitsANDpieces said...

mummy,allysha nampak "muntung" pon die sumbat dlm mulut jugak. haha. rajinnye update blog...

mummy said...

iskiskisk..muntung? banyak germs tuh. keep away fr her!

Anonymous said...

actually i was choosing between the two companies when deciding which one is better for my baby and went for baby ambrosia as they actually focus on baby food rather than gourmet goo whose main business is adult food. i went to gourmet goo's place and found that they are running a cafe.
plus after some tasting rounds, ashley decided for herself which one she likes better. :)

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