Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One Fine Sunday

These pictures were taken on 1st of August during my family's visit to Shah Alam. Allysha was kept busy from am to pm. She loves outing so much, not a problem for her at all.

As early as 9am, we took her to Pasar Stadium Shah Alam. As expected, she detest that place. Reason? Too hot and crowded.

Later, we met my family at Jakel. Mom needed to find some fabrics for my sis upcoming wedding.
Lica was happy! Cozy lounge with air-cond; that's what she likes.
Lica with Atuk

Pasangan kembar...

I'm seeing me, Mummy!
So happy when Daddy layankan everything she wants...

Daddy's little princess


ork3d said...

demm so much missing lica lah mummy!! wish to be there:(

bitsANDpieces said...

maksu rindu lica! balik cepat okeiiii

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