Thursday, October 21, 2010

For Her

My baby sister is going to be snatched away in about 30 days.
She’s getting married to a man that she loves to bits.

It's a mixed feelings for me.

I’m all happy for her but deep inside I’m also sad. Since I got married I can sense the distance between my sisters and I. There's only the three of us and we used to hang out together, share gossips and even wear each other's clothes (I can no longer fit in theirs'. Haha!) Gosh! How I miss the good old days... And, now she's getting married too and I hope that we can still be as close as we can.

The three of us on my solemnization day

And, my dad. Only God knows how my dad feels about this. She’s my dad’s favourite, my dad’s sweetheart and will always be his little girl. She’s his everything. I'm pretty sure he'll feel as if a big chunk of his life is missing.

Eversince my dad starts his treatment - be it at KPJS or PCMC; mom, Anyah and my baby sister will always be with him. She will discuss with doctors about dad's condition, the best treatments, the medications etc. She will sometimes scold the doctor, you know! But, that, makes her even more special. That's my baby sister.

Baby sister, pls try to accomodate your time for him - as much as you can. Kuyah will love it tremendously. I'm sure he will need some time to adjust the fact that he need to share you with someone else now.

So, future BIL, you better take great care of her cos we really, really love her!

To Chikabi, I wish you all the best in your new journey. Be the superwife, superdaughter and supermom that you want to be. If you need any tips, ask Kumak for it cos she's the sum of all the super-thing in the whole world.

P/S : That reminds me that I need to pay Aunty Irene a visit ASAP! Or else, I’ll be wearing any baju that fits me on her big day.

P/S/S : A lil reminder for you baby sister, don't be such a baby anymore occay...

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jgn nangis yee kak lang.sbb kte pun sdey pulak bce entry kak yong ni haa!

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