Friday, April 8, 2011

Allysha @ 19 months

I have soo much updates on my adorable little girl. So much, to the extend that i have no idea where to start.
Lica’s vocabulary had improved tremendously these days. She can voice out everything she wants and she will repeat her request until she gets it. It’s really hard not to fulfil her wishes since she made it so clear.

Her Vocab
Wa - my mom
Totok - my dad
Ibu - my Mak Teh
Beby - Mak Teh's daughter
Mak - my younger sis she supposedly address as Mak D
G - my youngest sis she supposedly address as Mak Su G
Nyeng - Tok Nyeng/Wan Nyeng
momot - for semut
momon - for doraemon
gogo - let's go
nanai - roti canai
dak - bedak
ish - shoes
meme - for selsema
nanak - taknak
when she wants something e.g Daddy, she will say 'Nak Daddy'

(there's a few more but i can't remember)
and....most importantly she calls herself Ca and, occasionally as Lica!

Identifying her body parts 
Eyes, nose, mouth, teeth and hair

Identifying our cars (colours and cars' symbol)Allysha will get excited and will point to our cars and let us know who's the owner of the car.

Music and dancing has always been her favourite. She love, love, love the Kalau Berpacaran song. When she's in the mood to dance, we will have to repeat the song in the youtube; especially by CikShidaDariParit - her utmost fave. She even sing along (the part 'lama' and 'mama') Her second fave is the I Love You song by Barney. Sometimes, rasa macam nak muntah because we have to repeat the vids at least for half an hour. But since she love it so much I guess I'll just have to bear with her :)

Physical Development
Allysha's getting taller and of course chubbier too. She lost about 600g last month due to the hospitalisation. During the follow-up at the hospital she weigh 12.3kg (she gained almost 1kg!) and we'll see how much she'll gain this month. And, she had outgrown most of her clothes and now, we are slowly replenish her wardrobe.
Her hair is also getting longer (and prettier, of course) and I've realised that her hair shade to brown.

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