Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Allysha Goes To School

Last Thursday was Allysha's first day of school at the Nuh's Ark Montessori. I took a few days off to monitor her at school. She was all excited for the first day; not knowing that she's going to be there on her own. Initially, hubby and I decided to stay at the school until the session ends but the principal asked us to leave immediately to make things easier. We drive back to school twice to peep on her but the school gate are closed.

It's my first day of school yo!

She insisted wearing the tudung until we picked her up.

Anyway, according to the teacher, she cried for a while after we left but she was well behaved the rest of the session. Only cried when we picked her up at the end of the session. Sayula tuh...

She cried when she saw us!


The second day, the crying prolong since other kids cried too. I kinda anticipated it.

The third day, she cried when hubby tried to put on her uniform and had to bribe her with princessy stuff from 7E.

The fourth day, she asked us to take her to breakfast first before going to school. refused to go to school.

Let's see how it goes tomorrow.


Nursuhana said...

alala..tetiba sayu pulak baca entry ni..rase nk nanges gak bila tgk asri dukung lica..air mata tu..isskkhh..turn auni next year..ala mcm mama die jer yg meraung nanti..

mummy said...

Aku pon sayu Su. Got me thinking - awal sgt ke aku hantar pegi skool. Pagi2 mesti nanges tgk aku siap nak gi keje. Sbbnye, die nak aku yg hantar.

Tapi, asry cakap kene kuatkan semangat.. for her own good jugak.

Nursuhana said...

tu la faridz pon suruh tgu auni 2 thn setengah baru anta still rasa die kecik lagi..ala cepatnye la dieorg besar kan!

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