Sunday, December 6, 2009

Allysha @ 3 months

It's time for my monthly checkup again.

Hey..don't expose me too much!! I'm a big gal now Mummy!!

I'm now 5.83kg. OKla tuh kan Mummy. Atok pesan jangan overweight!

Yay!! I'm getting taller..59cm.

See..I can still play and smile after the jab. I kinda like this Dr, Mummy. It doesn't hurt that much. I'm so looking forward to my next checkup.


Piza said...

comelll!!!! grr geram nak cubit pipi allysha!

mummy said...

Hihi..Mummy Allysha sendiri pon slalu geram gak kat pipi Allysha tuh..

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