Thursday, December 24, 2009

Little Muslimah

Allysha in Ariani. This picture was taken a few weeks back. So cute!

I'm sure ultimate dream semua parents adalah mendapat anak yang soleh and solehah. I believe the process starts even before the parents are married. Then, lepas dah kahwin, masa dalam kandungan and of course masa anak-anak membesar.

Like other parents, hubby and I have planned her education ahead. Example, when to start schooling, where and what kind of modules. After doing some research, we decided that we must let her have the Islamic education first. Where? Haven't decided yet since there's like 2 or 3 years more :)

For my reference and others as well, I've compiled some of the doa-doa and surah untuk mendapat anak yang baik. I'm sure banyak lagi doa-doa lain, so if u have any addition please do share.
Doa memohon rahmat, surah Ali-Imran, ayat 8-9.
Doa mohon zuriat yang baik, surah Ali-Imran (ayat 38).
Doa anak kerjakan solat, surah Ibrahim (ayat 40-41).
Doa anak taat kepada Allah, surah Al-Baqarah (ayat 128).
Doa diberi zuriat menyejukkan mata memandang, Surah Al-Furqan (ayat 74).
Doa anak pandai belajar, surah Al-Anbiya (ayat 79).
Doa anak lembut hati, surah Al-Anbiya, (ayat 69) atau Al-Hasyar (ayat 22-24).
Doa anak rajin sekolah, surah Taha (ayat 1-5).

Hopefully Allysha akan jadi anak yang solehah, cerdik, mendengar kata, mudah dibentuk and have other good traits that any parents would wish for in their child. Aminnn...

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