Monday, January 4, 2010

2010’s First Outing

Weekends are no doubt my favorite! This time, it’s Sunway Pyramid again. I guess Allysha pon macam dah hafal selok belok SP tuh. Yesterday, Allysha’s Mak Ngah D tagged along too.

Daddy..concentrating behind the wheels

Mak D preparing Allysha for the trip with Vitamin M!

Allysha in her ride

It's time for our break lepas dah penat mengukur SP.
The noir is too die for. I'll definitely come back for more.

The Citrus Crush made us confused. Errr...rumoured?!?

It's time to go back!


bitsANDpieces said...

looks like mak ngah d yang jage allysha..mommy sibuk sgt nak ambil gambar :P

Piza said...

ha ni dah ada improvement byk sket gambar allysha...tembamnyeee dah nak penuh stroller!

mummy said...

Hehe..Mummy kan papparazi. Kalau tak, semua malas nak ambik gambar.

Pn Piza,
Gambar Allysha memang banyak tapi tak upload. 2010 nih try to letak banyak2. Allysha memang dah makin cute n bam bam!

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