Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Daddy's Little Princess

Allysha is in fact her daddy's little girl. My hubby memang really really nak a daughter. Since I was pregnant, his mantra to my tummy was, "Be like daddy!". I guess that works cos Allysha memang photostat muka daddy.

And, my hubby is even happier nowadays cos she prefers her daddy than her mummy. My sister always said that daddy is fun and mummy is boring. I guess Allysha realized that too. I don't mind, really. I'm happy when he's happy. Malam-malam pon daddy yang banyak bangun buat susu and change her diapers. Mummy pulak, is either tak terjaga or buat-buat tak jaga. Naughty me!

My favorite picture of my most favorite persons in this world!

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