Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy 5 Months Old!

Mummy told me that I’m 5 months old today. It’s less than a month till I get to eat solid. I simply can’t wait! I can’t help but to overheard others’ conversation about planning my meal. Nom..nom..nom. I bet it will be yummehh. Actually Mummy already bought something for me to eat but since Aunty Paed instructed Mummy to wait for a few weeks more, I guess I’ll have to wait.

See! I’m dressed like a grown-up. Mak D’s La Bamba dress, birdie tights and a white bolero to complete the look (tho it looked like a cardigan on me).

Yesterday, I had another jab. I cried a little bit only. But that’s because I was interrupted when busy talking to Mak Su Baby. I can bear the pain already . But anyway, Mummy asked me to update everyone on my development. I’m already 7.08 kg and 64cm tall. How am I doing? Aunty Paed said that so far so good. I’m one healthy baby.

I’m 7.08kg heavier!

And oh, before I forget, I’ve started to move forward! I lifted my bum-bum and used both legs to bring myself forward. I can’t deny that it’s a bit tiring and might shed off some of my weight tho it’s fun. I even refuse to sleep today because I want to practice. I saw Mummy took some videos and I’ll try to remind her to upload it here.

Till then..toodles!! I need to get my beauty sleep now.

Assalamualaikum and good nite.


Allysha Comel


MaMa IdRaKi said... bulat bam bam ni dh besar!!

mummy said...

tuhla...Mummy rasa macam baru je abis pantang.

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