Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm Still Growing

But only my feet though. And I hate it. Really hate it.

I used to be size 6. During pregnancy, due to edema it grows until size 9!

And now, after 5 months giving birth I’m stuck in between size 7 and 8. The result, I still haven’t found any comfy working shoes. I’ve tried all kinds of shoe shop; from the no brand shops to the upscale boutiques. It’s really frustrating!

Believe it or not I’m currently wearing crocs to office. So inappropriate but yet that’s my best option so far (and i like it! So comfy) . For meetings, I’ll just wear a pair of black wedges that I got from Singapore 2 years back. But still, I think it should be a half size bigger.

The wedges look similar to this.

I’m desperate to find a pair of comfy, smart and corporate looking shoes. Help me out!!

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CrocsSG said...

Thanks for making Crocs your ideal office footwear!

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