Thursday, February 4, 2010

Post-Pregnancy Problems

What’s your post-pregnancy problem?

Mine, no doubt would be : Linea nigra, stretch marks and my pregnancy pouch.

The linea nigra is fading, but the fading rate is not to my liking. I remembered reading somewhere that the dark color will fade over a year. Lama tuh!! And..ade pulak yang cakap that for some mothers, it doesn’t disappear completely. I still have about 7 months to go and we’ll see whether it’s still there…

I start applying the Matern Cream whatsoever (tak ingat dah nama betul, but hubby bought it from Modernmum) and the Bio Oil religiously since I knew that I was pregnant – 5 weeks. It works, but only until about 7 months. I still remember there was this morning, I did my ritual examination in front of our huge mirror and to my horror all of sudden there’s this few lines of red stretch marks. Hancur luluh hati aku. Nak pujuk hati aku, I told myself that I’m lucky to have it. It’s some sort of pregnancy souvenir, tak semua orang ade tuh.

After 5 months, my stretch marks are getting much better. Dulu, sangatla freaking fugly! Spider web pon kalah tau. Skarang dah ok sikitla. I believe that is because the corset that I try to wear everyday and segala jadah minyak/krim yang ditepek di perut. And, lulur works wonders jugak. That reminds me, I have to schedule another session. I fully recommend this aunty. Masa lulur tuh bukan setakat gosok2 je lulur tuh. Siap massage sekali. Sakit-sakit badan, tension semua hilang. And, the best thing is : MURAH!.

I’ve seen some mothers whose tummies cepat betul flat lepas gave birth. I, unfortunately doesn’t fall into that rare category. My bidan told that it would take at least a year to get rid of the pregnancy pouch. Tapi, ade gak yang tak hilang-hilang. Mine, getting smaller tapi kalau boleh nakla macam dulu balik. Everybody’s dream, kan. Patience, patience, patience.

Maybe I should treat the problems positively. Eat right and exercise.

Phat Mommy and Mama Idraki, bile nak start jogging?


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mummy,buatlah post psl allysha. mengantuk baca ni (hahaha)..oh, tag lah each time, senang nak refer.

mummy said...

Next weekla start. Monday dah siap2 letak barang sume dlm kereta.

Besok ade entry pasal Allysha. Gambar dlm laptopla..

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