Sunday, February 28, 2010

Viral Conjunctivitis

That's what Allysha is having since Monday.

It's also called 'Pink Eye'. I guess it was because of the redness covering the whites of the eyes. Apart from the redness, she also had swollen eyelids and runny nose.

We actually have been consulted by two peadiatric and an ophthalmologist in my hometown but her condition were getting worse. We got an appointment with this one Paediatric Ophthalmologist at ISEC. However, we can only see him on Monday and that's waaay too late. We were getting really worried and thanks to my baby sis, she googled and found out that the doctor is a visiting Ophthalmologist; Dr Choong at Gleneagles Ampang. She called up the Emergency Department and confirmed that he's on call for this week. I guess it's all Allysha's luck and rezeki.

So, we went to Gleneagles and she was warded and treated by Dr Choong. Upon his consultation, we were soo relieved. He explained about the infection and how the treatment would be. He changed Allysha's prescription and that evening, her eyes were getting much better. He's really one good doctor. Highly recommended by us.

Mata Allysha sepet sebelah. This is actually after the treatment at Gleaneagles. Getting better even though still red and swollen. Unfortunately, I don't have Allysha's picture before the treatment. Kalau tak, bolehla compare.
Just look at her. So cheeky! Nak jugak main ngan handphone Atok.

Clear view. Red and swollen eyes.
There's one thing that I would like to convey to everybody who's having babies and toddlers. Please just stay put at home. It seems that there's an outbreak of the virus that causes 'pink eye'. To make thing worse, it's highly contagious. After Allysha, three of my family members got it too; including her Daddy as well.

One thing that we are really, really thankful is that she's still drinks her milk as usual (and sometimes even more), as active as ever and we even introduce her to solid yesterday!


nadia suyat said...

mata allysha macam mata aunty...kecik sebelah. sama lak tuh, sebelah kanan...hehe~

and ur soo good. tak nanges pun. get well soon, allysha...

shafi, anak ko MONTOKS gileee. susu cap apa pakai...? hehe~

mummy said...

la..ko pon sakit mata gak ke? the same old prob i presume?

allysha ikot daddy kot montok? hehe

bitsANDpieces said...

maksu rindu allysha. haish.

mummy said...

mummy lagi rindu allysha si bam bam mummy tuh...

nadia suyat said...

allysha tak duduk sama ngan ko kat SA ke..? duduk ngan wan ngan tok kat seremban ek..?

mummy said...

che nad,

sadly..nope. Allysha kat seremban. Mak Teh aku yg jaga. Everybody x percaya kalau kitorang amek maid. So, at the moment arrangement nye gitula. for her own good :)

Pooja said...

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