Thursday, May 13, 2010

Allysha @ 7 months

Again, I’ve always forgot to jot down Allysha’s milestones. Here it goes although I’m so sure that there’s a lot more. To my sisters, please add anything you can think of.
 I just love watching her sleep..

• She’s more talkative now – babbles a lot!
• She knows how to hold her own bottles
• Whenever she’s hungry for milk, she will look for her bottle, take it, drink, and put it back when she’s had enough
• Dah merangkak; pretty fast sampai memang kene monitor all the time

See! Pantang nampak remote Astro. Remote lain taknak.

• Dah lebih pandai main with all her toys; although her all time favorite toy is still handphones (nak yang baru n slim saje pulak tuh esp BB) and astro’s remote control. And oh, she loves tissue boxes too!
• Dah pandai responds to us using her own voice
• Reaches for objects with one hand
• Dah boleh passing-passing object from one hand to another
• Kalau sorok something that she wants in front of her, die mesti tau and carik. Even in between pillows! Tau je layer mane pulak tuh. Clever girl!
• Dan pandai ask for attention. Nanti Allysha akan buat-buat batuk sampaila orang tu pandang or talk to her
• Pandai main pok amai-amai (or was it masa 6 months? Can’t really remember)
• Pandai main ca-ce-kop (ala..yang genggam tangan tuh..)
• Suka peek-a-boo
• Pandai buat Hi-5! (nih Mak Su Beby yang ajar!)
• Her first swimming pool experience
• Bertatih with assistance
• Suka sangat outings – kalau ade yang pakai tudung mesti die excited semacam and mintak dukung. For sure takkan lepaskan org tuh sampai dah masuk kereta
• She knows and recognizes people more – tau je orang yang selalu die tengok and tak. Dislike strangers. Contoh: macam my dad yang slalu balik lambat. Once Allysha Nampak Atok, mesti mintak dukung and tak nak orang lain ambik. Macam tau-tau je satu hari tak jumpa Atok.
• Pandai ambik hati!
• Although there are signs macam nak tumbuh gigi, tapi until now nothing!
• Likes to be hugged. Time tido pon suke orang peluk. Suke golek-golek and tido dekat-dekat ngan Daddy (Wan Ibu tuh dah wajiblah..)

Kat dalam stroller pon dah pandai nak bangun sendiri

There’s still a lot to share but since I’m a weekend Mummy, this is all I can think of at the moment. Again, to my sisters please add anything else that I have forgotten.

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