Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One Year Older, Another Year Wiser

Monday was my birthday. Am getting older but alhamdulillah, happier. The day started off pretty bad since I was unwell. At noon, after feeling much better, I bought a cake and KFC for hubby's staffs. Coincidently, I shared birthday with the daughter of a staff. I immediately told her that we can celebrate her birthday as well. She was so happy and called her daughter. She even sang birthday song for her dear daughter. Happy Birthday Putri!

The birthday cake. At first I regretted for not buying Secret Recipe's cake, but everybody loved it; including me. The one and only birthday cake for me.

Later that night hubby treated me dinner at Bubba Gump, Sunway Pyramid. It's our first time here and it was love at first sight. We love everything here. Everything was almost perfect : the ambience, the food, the service, the company. But, it would be perfect if Allysha was there to celebrate my birthday.

The signs on the table. Run Forrest Run if everything is OK and Stop Forrest Stop if we need their attention. It seems to work really well since were were attended almost immediately after we put the Stop sign. We like it:)

Our garlic bread. Mama Gump Garlic Bread. Really nice. We should have ordered a soup to compliments it. Next time, next time.

And, for drink, hubby ordered Mango Sparkler. Nice. He even asked for a refill which cost him additional RM2.90. For me? Just plain hot water. Another 4 months to go and then I can indulge myself in those too! Allysha, cepat sikit besar ye :)

The BBQ Beef Back Ribs. Two thumbs up! U guys MUST order this whenever you dine at Bubba Gump. Enough for 2-3 people. I bet my mom will surely love this.

I can't really remember what this is called. It was Run Across America (kot?). Hubby's choice. It was ok. But our favourite is the spinach dip. Sedappp. There were nachos, chicken strips, shrimp and...shrimp!

We actually ordered Bread Pudding for dessert but we cancelled it since we were so full. We still have some leftovers. What we have ordered was actually enough to feed 4 pax. It's in HUGE portion!

This time, I think I scored 9/10 in ordering (for first timer). It was a very satisfying meal and we will definitely come back for more.

We then went shopping for my birthday presents. Due to the limited time, hubby still owes me 2 more presents. Daddy, bile nak pegi beli nih?

Thank you Sayang for everything. Muahhhsss


bitsANDpieces said...

wahhhh bubba gump!!!!! tak pernah pergi sane pon. 9 out of 10? mesti sebab pandai pilih menu ni. ala, nanti ill bake choc cake for you ye?

mummy said...

bile nak buat choc cake tuh? cepat sikit ye

Nursuhana said...

happy birthday ur day will be blessed with love n happiness 4ever!

mummy said...

Thanks Su!!

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