Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mission Possible

Last weekend was a blast! I had my whole family together. We really enjoyed our weekend. The reason is mutual for everyone - Lil' Allysha! Allysha's Wan was also on a mission to find a portable swimming pool for Allysha.

The three of us

Allysha and Mummy

Yeay!! The Loaf is finally 10 mins away from home.

So many pastries..

 The delicious cupcakes

 Mummy, Allysha wants to eat too...

Mine is even more delicious..made with love by Mummy

 One of our very few pic together

 Let's search for the Toys R Us!


 Wan, busy selecting Allysha's stuffs

 At last! We found it! Thank you Wan for the treat..

One happy family..

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