Monday, May 17, 2010

Planning Allysha’s Birthday Party : The List

It’s never too early to plan for Allysha’s 1st Birthday Party. After all, it will be the benchmark. I, personally want her party to be intimate and inexpensive with invites to be restricted to family and close friends only. However, coincidently her birthday would be during Ramadhan and we have to postpone the party until Syawal. Since we need to hold an open house as well, it would be cost saving to combine both. But gosh, it cracks my brain to plan an event which incorporates both.
I’ve been surfing related sites and I found a lot of interesting stuffs and it changes most of my initial plans. I have to keep in mind that Allysha is only one year old and she won’t appreciate extravagance and simple things would be sufficient. I plan to DIY whatever I can, to make it meaningful, for me and Allysha.

I started by listing the major items, which is:

1. Party theme – the hardest to decide!
2. Party deco
3. Who to invite
4. Invitation Cards
5. Timing – maybe it will take max. 1-1 ½ hours for her party. Toddlers can get restless easily.
6. Venue – our taska; outdoor!
7. Food
8. Games/activities
9. Party Bags n Thank You Cards
10. Photographer
11. Videographer

So far, that’s the only thing that came across my mind. Along the way, I’ll try to keep my list updated.

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